Quotes and Poems

immi als Kind im Schönbuch
Bist du schon auf der Sonne gewesen? 5. September 2009

  Bist du schon auf der Sonne gewesen? Nein? — Dann brich dir aus einem Besen Ein kleines Stück Spazierstock heraus Und schleiche dich heimlich aus dem Haus Und wandere langsam in aller Ruh Immer direkt auf die Sonne zu. So lange, bis es ganz dunkel geworden. Dann öffne leise… Weiterlesen

Immi im Bilderrahmen
Manchmal denke ich mir irgendwas 5. September 2009

  Manchmal denke ich mir irgendwas. Und zum Spaß Denke ich mir jetzt: ich bin aus Glas. Alle Leute, die da auf der Straße gehen Bleiben stehen, Um einander durch mich anzusehen. Un die vielen andern Kinder schrein: Ei wie fein! Ich, ich ich will auch durchsichtig sein! Doch ein… Weiterlesen

Dear and near

Alina, Kathy, Ann-Sophie
… it’s a kind of music … 20. Januar 2006

All dwelling in one house are strange sisters three, as unlike as any three sisters could be, yet try as you may to tell sister from sister, you’ll find that the trio resemble each other. The first isn’t there, though she’ll come beyond doubt. The second’s departed, so she’s not… Weiterlesen

Ohm speakers - Audible Emotions
Audible Emotions 31. August 2009

I wanted to post this for quite a while. Since several years I am looking for speakers for my iPod/iPhone. I bought several speakers all between 100 € to 400 € but never got too happy with what I purchased. Maybe the problem was that I wasn’t sure of what… Weiterlesen

Alina frisch gekämmt
How to fall asleep 1. Juli 2003

Alina: „Dady, how do you best fall asleep?“ Dady: „Count sheeps.“ Alina: „Yes, I usually count till 120 or 180 and then I fall asleep but do you know how you can fall asleep much better?“ Dady: „How do you do that?“ Alina: „Well, you imagine that everything you like… Weiterlesen

Kranz für Ahne
The seventh grain 9. April 2006

  My grandmother — we call her „Ahne“ — passed away last week. And my daughters wanted to see our beloved grandmother one last time. So I went with them to see her together with my mother (the daughter of my grandmother) at the churchyard. Ahne was still layed out… Weiterlesen

Personal Growth

immi am iPhone
Set goals and attract results 27. Juli 2009

Here’s an interessting observation I’ve made. When I’ve set goals in the past they either have been achieved or I don’t feel the same way about these goals today as I felt back then when I have set them. 1. Meaning that very magically when today I review my goals… Weiterlesen

Ann-Sophie cool
Perception follows imagination 9. Oktober 2005

  We see what we want to see. We perceive what we want to perceive. We invent ourselves and others (tell a true lie; self fulfilling prophecy) The answers we’ll get depend on the questions we are asking. Feelings are generated by ourselves. Wow we have a lot of power… Weiterlesen

My Students

I have had the priviledge to work with so many students. For about 6 years I have mostly recruited and supervised students from Canada (University of Waterloo).
Since I am working for German customers for a few years now I focus on programs with German students. Here‘s the list of people I had an extremly valuable time which I will never forget.

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South Africa with the Corporate Service Corps

immi doing the speech at the press event
My speech at the "press event" on our last day. 10. November 2009

  Molo. Igamalam ndingu Immi. Ndivela e Stuttgart eJamani. I am grateful for the opportunity to share a few brief thoughts with you. You might ask why I wanted to join IBM’s Corporate Service Corps and come here to South Africa. It’s because I wanted to get a greater understanding… Weiterlesen

Final spurt 27. Oktober 2009

Monday Today we learned that tomorrow we’ll have our final presentation. Huhhh that’s quite a short notice. But I think we welcomed it. It’s good to get things done as early as possible and we had things pretty much in our brain … just we needed to get some of… Weiterlesen

Digital Media

Plugins on my self hosted wordpress site 25. April 2011

I am trying to use less as possible plugins. The ones which I think are needed the most is to make up for the features which are in but not on the self-hosted wordpress. “Automaticc” actually provides the “jetpack” to recover those features. So here are my wordpress plugins… Weiterlesen

Speichern und Versenden vieler bzw. größerer Dateien 17. Januar 2011

Für Speichern und externes Versenden vieler bzw. größerer Dateien kann man Online-Dienste nutzen, bei denen man Files „in eine Wolke“ hochlädt. Statt Dateien zu versenden, reicht es dann völlig aus, den entsprechenden Link zu verschicken – und bei keinem läuft mehr die E-Mail Box voll. Einer der wohl bekanntesten Dienste hierzu ist… Weiterlesen