Half Time "South Africa"

In 30 min I am going to the airport. My journey to South Africa finally is starting. There was a lot to prepare and there is a lot to look forward to.

I am 41 now and to stop doing my normal job for the next weeks and to dive into a completely new world to me feels like „half time“. In my life I have had the privilege and the pleasure to make a lot of experiences. It’s been a great „game“ so far for me! … but now it’s time to get a fresh mind. This is the time for me to rethink some of my strategies. Let’s see what will come out of it.
Having said that it doesn’t mean that I expect a relaxing time in South Africa. But it means that I will be able to get completely new views and to start my second half of my life with different perspectives. Well maybe that sounds big … but maybe I find that things have gone well so far in my life and I don’t wanna change a lot but just do more of the same good stuff ;-)… Let’s see.
My assignment in South Africa will be with Ruliv ( Together with three greatly skilled colleagues from US and India I will be working for Ruliv on their communications process and marketing and management system. That includes work on their Corporate Identity. Very concretely we shall be working on their Logo, Marketing collateral’s, Website, Presentations, Management Reports. We shall consider which marketing instrument is the best for which target groups. And who are the relevant target groups (maybe that’s first)…
I feel like the NGO I am working for has done an excellent job to match my skills (and the skills of all my CSC colleagues) with the projects that need to be covered.
What do I expect? I expect a country with a lot of beauty but also with a lot of downsides. I think South Africa loves music, they are very communicative and extraordinarily friendly.
My wish is that I am able to listen to the people there. I think whatever I do it needs to be something that they feel they are part of or that they feel it’s theirs. Will try to keep it super simple and will try to focus on the basic things.
This time is not gonna be about the fruity drinks at a beach bar. This is not about lazying in the sun. But yes this time will include a lot of beautiful moments that I am sure.
I for sure will enjoy my personal „half time“ … and I am really looking forward to it. So stay tuned!
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