Use your password to get yourself in the right mood


I don’t know how often you type in passwords a day however I think I enter passwords about 100 times a  day. As you know it is advised to change passwords frequently and some systems (especially within an intranet of a corporation) it is even enforced to change passwords fairly frequently.

Now you might consider this a hassle to enter passwords so many times. I consider it a way of motivating myself. You might have heard of the word incantation. If you google „incantation“ you will find the following definition for it: “ An incantation is like a supercharged affirmation. It is a present-tense, positive, empowering statement of the way you want things to be…“

I guess I could stop my post here because you know what comes now. What I do when I need to come up with a new password I am thinking of which is the affirmation I need in the next weeks to power myself up, to bring myself into the right mood, to think positively and to motivate myself.

Well of course I would mix up that incantation with some numbers and/or special characters. You might guess that I am not going to tell you my current password here but I can tell you some of my past passwords. So e.g. there was a time that I wanted to get myself into a mood of being patient. So my password at that time was „1ampat1en%“. So every time I entered the password I was thinking „I am patient“.

Isn’t that a great way to get yourself into the right mood? Let me know what you think?

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