Set goals and attract results

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Here’s an interessting observation I’ve made. When I’ve set goals in the past they either have been achieved or I don’t feel the same way about these goals today as I felt back then when I have set them.

1. Meaning that very magically when today I review my goals which I have set a while ago I realize that a lot of them have actually been achieved or overachieved. E.g. I wanted to loose weight some years ago… and I have lost about 20 kgs over the past years. Now I weigh less as the target I have set at the start. Another example is the „clean sweep list“ we’ve made on our coaching class. There are plenty of things I wanted to get fixed. Many of them have been fixed magically almost without efforts. So e.g. my bed is made daily, I have financial plans, I have made a complete eye exam, my blood presure is at an extrodinary healthy level, I have had a complete physical exam. the walls of my appartement are nicely painted etc. etc.
And here is the trick. I have actually not really worked hard for it, but I have thought about these things more or less on an ongoing basis. I have had them in mind. I thought they are great things to be achieved. I embraced them, in fact I valued them. I thought they are really handy for my life. I want them. And of course I did something to fix these things. But looking back they have seemlessly happend without a big effort on my side. That’s at least how it feels.
2. Then there are goals that I have set in the past which to be honest didn’t come true. In fact if I review them today a lot have a different meaning to me today. They are less important to me today or I view them with a different perspective. Even if they are still meaningful to me I can see that other things have clearly been more important to me and my life. E.g. I desparately wanted to become a People Manager some years ago. When I think about it today I am happy that it went the way it went. I kind of feel that I am more relaxed without having the responsibilities a People Manager has. I feel that I don’t need to be a People Manager to show my interpersonal and leadership skills. I feel that my expectation of that role was different to what I can really achieve with such a role. Another example is my personal small gadget wish list. Every gadget that costs more than 100 € I put on a wish list. Only when they are still on the list after 2 or 3 months I will buy these things. What’s happened is that often the „wish“ was fading out and I didn’t want the „thing“ anymore. I have even started to value „“ a lot. Why? Because when you purchase online in Germany you are entitled to send things back within two weeks. That means that sometimes I purchase something and then by the time I receive it I start to feel that I really don’t need it … Wow! What a change of mind. There is a third example I wanted to share and that’s my ideas about starting a business. There have been ideas that I went back and forth with and after a while I wanted to start them up. But then when I started them I looked much closer and found that it might be not quite as cool as I thought. Having said that I think there are cool ideas which need to be made into reality but sometimes we only find out when we start them up.
Please note that most of these goals I really wrote them down. Meaning I structured them. I materialized them. I prioritized them (or deprioritized them). I think to write these things down like a plan is the key piece that has to happen otherwise it’s not going to happen! Take a look at In my opinion a list like this really helps to get things achieved.
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