Final spurt



Today we learned that tomorrow we’ll have our final presentation. Huhhh that’s quite a short notice. But I think we welcomed it. It’s good to get things done as early as possible and we had things pretty much in our brain … just we needed to get some of the things still documented. So today was a day I got a loooot done.


It is amazing what can be achieved within such a short time frame but looking at the great teaming and the support we got from Ruliv I think it explains it. Maybe also that we never got into too much stress. Thanks to Anil for keep reminding me that really it is important to keep my mind free and give it some space to breath.

Anil, Anna, Melisa, immi


Today was our final report. It’s been going fairly well. I think we can be proud about what we have archived anyways.

Melisa, Anil and immi

But today there was another thing which I want to mention… it is the Website. I have been working on it for the past 4 weeks. And as we tried to migrate the site I actually misconfigured it and the whole Website broke and I was not able to get it back on again. I called my friend and colleague (Frederick) at home and he helped me. I think it took him 3 hours but at the end he was able to fix just everything.

How great is it to have friends who help out when I need it. Thank you Frederick.

Good food in South Africa

And when I think about it this morning there was a similar instance where one of the Ruliv employees needed help. She actually didn’t dare to ask the person who I know has the expertise. So I was asking that person if he can explain and help to get the problem fixed. After a short discussion the problem could be fixed within no more than 10 minutes. Wow the Ruliv employee was soooo happy.


I think that’s how things work out best: We help each other, with what we’re best at.

Anyways there is one more thing to talk about today and that is that my colleagues have asked me to speak tomorrow on the press event. Huhhh I am really excited… I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

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