… it’s a kind of music …

Alina, Kathy, Ann-Sophie

All dwelling in one house are strange sisters three,
as unlike as any three sisters could be,
yet try as you may to tell sister from sister,
you’ll find that the trio resemble each other.
The first isn’t there, though she’ll come beyond doubt.
The second’s departed, so she’s not about.
The third and the smallest is right on the spot,
And manage without her the others could not.
Yet the third factor with which to be reckoned
Because the first sister turns into the second.
You cannot stand back and observe number three,
For one of the others is all you will see.
So tell me, my child, are the three of them one?
Or are there but two? Or could there be none?
Just name them, and you will at once realize
That each rules a kingdom of infinite size.
They rule it together and are it as well.
In that, they’re alike, so where do they dwell?

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