What a day?

It started out at the airport when I got this incredible back ache. Normally it takes me weeks to recover but this time … I recalled a breathing technique and started to inhale and (even more) exhale my breath. Surprisingly that helped soothing my back aches. It actually almost cured it after applying the breathing technique 30 minutes. Wow!

Kenya Airlines

Then I met Nil in the plane to Amsterdam. She told me about her ambitions is to actually work for an NGO in Africa. And she gave me the best two reasons why one (or I?) should do this type of work. First: for myself. And 2nd: to make me feel complete. While Nil is working in a company of a big auto supplier she still thinks that there is personal „fulfillment“ beyond numbers, performance and career. I with she will — at some point in time — experience what I will experience the next 5 weeks.

Then I had some troubles in Amsterdam and Nairobi because my flight booking was not correctly entered in the systems. I had to re-check in again and again. And they put me on a later flight in Nairobi. I said to myself „welcome to Africa“. Things might take a little longer now. And I have to be patient.

Finally I arrived in Jo’burg. The driver who picked me up waited for like 3.5 hours. He was so patient. I thought to myself let me take him as a role model.

Of course it was great to meet everyone and we immediately felt familiar to each other. A little bit later Lucky Thobela ( a great musician from the music band 6mabone) came to visit me. He suggested that we go to Soweto. I’ve invited some of my colleagues who liked to join us as well. Lucky took us into the middle of Soweto. He showed us the Mandela houses, the Soweto hospital, the huge Soweto bus station and the crowded streets in Soweto.

Meet Lucky Thobela

And Lucky has planned something really special which we didn’t know. He organized that we can visit a group of Zulus at their „youth hostel“ to watch them dancing. What we have experienced then is a unique privileged to very few people only. No tourists will ever get into this area. But we felt so welcome with the Zulu group. They gave us a performance which I will never forget in my life. You have to watch the video. One thing that stucks into my mind is the glowing of their faces. They were so happy and they had sooo much energy. And I have learned that they have a leader and probably they need strong leader. When I wanted to distribute our gifts to the group Lucky told me I shall give them to the leader of the group not the individuals. This makes a lot of sense because the leader knows best whom to give what and also this supports his position towards the team.

Zulu dancers in Soweto

At the end of the day we went for a dinner. Great time to meet John our leader at CDC. Great time to meet also some other colleagues which I haven’t met in the afternoon. We had good conversations and a great music band playing near the bar. After we finished our dinner we joined the band for some lively dancing.

Group picture with Zulu dancers

On our way back home Lucky repeatedly said: „What a great day?“ … and I full heartedly agreed: „What a great day!“.

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