German Toilet Rules Infographic

Everything to be in good order makes Germans′ world go round… If you ever wondered about the German toilet etiquette this is what you need to know about it. For Germans, maintaining order and cleanliness is a way of life, and this is reflected in their approach to toilet etiquette. Visitors should be aware of customs such as keeping the toilet seat and lid down, flushing immediately after use, and properly disposing of toilet paper.

Who stands and who sits - German toilet behavior - Men vs. women.

Who stands, who sits?

Public toilets for men are usually equipped with pissoirs. Women however are left with a sitting option only. Public toilets are usually separate for men vs. women however e.g. in Berlin there are now Unisex toilets as well. There are solutions like “Pippilissi” which allow women to prevent sitting and thus prevent infections with bacteria and fungi.

How to sit down to pee on German toilet

How to sit down to pee?

Squatting may be common in Asia and other countries but not in Germany. The toilet lid is meant for sitting. Sitting down to pee is perceived good behaviour. Being a “Stehpinkler” may be considered as antisocial. Some toilets have red traffic-style signs forbidding the standing position.

The German Angst on toilet - fish in toilet water may bite your penis

The German Angst

Germans are not known for being easygoing which is likely a reason why some think it’s dangerous when sitting down to pee. Should your measurements indicate a “water issue” when sitting down you gotta look for a solution. However should you think a piranha may cause any issues you either might consider having enemies or think about going to psychotherapy.

No smoking on German toilet please

No smoking on German toilet

Inflight smoking is prohibited by almost all airlines. Smoking in German toilets is not advised either. The ban on smoking in public places, including bars and restaurants, is now nationwide in Germany. Smoking would only be allowed with separate smoking rooms and in party tents. A toilet is not considered a “separate smoking room” nor a “party tent”.

Germany: How to use the toilet brush

How to use the toilet brush?

Next to every toilet in Germany there is a toilet brush. Not just in private settings. Every toilet in the entire country. You are expected to leave the toilet in it’s pre-use state. Should you not take care of your skid marks, the next stall patron will automatically assume they belong to you. Trick: Throw some toilet paper in before dropping the kids off at the pool.

Where to put the waste in the toilet

Where to put the waste in toilet?

Germans like to sort their trash. They don’t just do it for environmental reasons. Flush toilets can easily get clogged. As with every rule there is an exception. Toilet paper belongs into the toilet unless your sitting in an automobile caravan. Never throw tampons, sanitary towels or similar materials in the toilet but use the pedal bin.

Toilet lid or seat - Which one to put down, Infographic

Toilet lid or seat – Which one to put down?

If it was for the Germans toilet seats would be fixed to the bowl and never be up. Why? Because everyone is supposed to sit during their work. A few are left who think a “Sitzpinkler” is a wimp and to stand and deliver is part of their masculinity. But pls. put the toilet seat down when you’re finished. Closing the lid will safe the lifes of animals.

Which one to flush, German Toilet: Which button to push

Which button to push?

Big button or icon with multiple drops means big flush, small button or icon with one drop only means half flush. Choose the buttons wisely according to your business done. Close the lid before you flush. The swirling water that removes your waste from the bowl also mixes with small particles of that waste, shooting aerosolized feces into the air.

How to wash your hands Infographic

How to wash your hands?

62% of men and 40% of women admit they don’t bother. The female of the species is more cleanly than the male. After using the washroom 1 hand = 200 million bacteria per square inch. Use of a one time towel is to be preferred. The more times you wash the better for your health.

Sit down to pee and keep good humor

Sit down to pee & keep good humor!

Stand up for your rights, but sit down when you pee. Who doesn’t like a nice sit down after a long day? No aiming required. My doctor told me not to lift anything heavy for a few weeks. So now I have to sit down when I pee.

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