A different way to present


South Africans can talk for a long time. When they give a presentation they don’t need any Power Point slides. „In Power Point there is sometimes to much power and too much of points“, that’s what one of the Managers of Ruliv said today.

The Prof at Ruliv

Honestly I have been deeply impressed by their skills, their intelligence and their way of presenting. Their speeches always seemed to have a clear structure yet they didn’t „show off“ with it. Because there is nothing that distracts you (like presentation slides would do) there is a much bigger focus on the content of what they actually talk about. I got really fascinated about the varying expressions of their faces while they talk. It’s not that they are always smiling but they do have a lot of dynamics in their faces. And as there is nothing to distract me I can observe their faces while they talk.

Inital meeting

My colleague said: „immi, at the end of the assignment you’ll present in their style“. But I am not sure if I will be able to learn presenting in „free style“ within such a short time. I am not even sure if I can learn this at all. I think „free speaches“ need a lot of training and it’s not just jumping into it and see what comes out. But I am willing to learn from my new friends. So let’s see where that will get me.

Kizito and team

We’ve had a great first day introducing each other and talking about our scope of work for the next five weeks. Our client has welcomed us warmly and showed a lot of appreciation towards us.

Yes they are working in a highly unstructured environment. But they are creative and intelligent, they show a lot of flexibility and they do show a lot of passion for their business. Maybe that’s why they are so good in presenting completely different then what I am used to.

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