South Africa with an NGO as part of the IBM Corporate Responsibilty

A couple of weeks ago I have received a letter from the IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) folks … telling me that I will be going to South Africa working with the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) CSC Development Solutions. I am so happy about that because it means for 5 weeks I am going to do something completely different.

You know that when you are moving … physically moving then you change perspectives. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why so often I have to go to for a walk, or stand up to talk to a collegeaue or even go to the loo ;-). It’s making me move. And when I am physically moving my brain and my point of view is moving too.
I think the best ideas are born in situations when you change your own perspective. (btw. that’s when the best pictures are made too).
At this point I don’t know yet which project I will be responsible for in South Africa. I am sure though I will learn a lot. And it will help me to grow personally and business wise.
The only drawback is that during the 5 weeks in October I will not be able to see & meet my daugthers. Maybe a good time though for writing them letters.
Looking forward to my time in East London / South Africa!!!
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