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Together with my colleague today I chaired a second workshop. As a follow on to the photography workshop I have talked about image processing and graphics design.

So take a look at this:

A major part of my assignment is to re-design the current Ruliv Website but also to come up with a new content management system to simplify things.

To give you an impression on how the Website currently looks like:
Ruliv - Old homepage

And here is the new Ruliv Website as we have designed it now.

Ruliv - New homepage

What I love with the new Website is that it takes so many features of the shelf.
This includes:

1. Search engine optimization
2. Search bar, incl. an employee directory
3. An embedded Google form to collect data
4. Embedded PDF documents
5. Embedded Picasa photo gallery
6. Embedded slideshare presentations
7. Embedded maps
8. Mobile/Cell phone support

Web 2.0 functionality is sooo amazing.

Whisper - Ruliv employees

This picture is from the workshop that my colleague Anil gave. He whispered someone an Indian sentence into his ear who then had to whisper it to the next person and so on. At the end something very funny came out. The lesson of this was that really information can change as it is passed along. First hand information might need to be documented and is most valuable.

Tak Karaoke

At this evening we also went for Karaoke… Tak can sing like Elvis Presley himself. In fact he was even more entertaining. I have to post one of the songs …


Last weekend I said: „What a great weekend and I would never have thought that after such a great weekend last time there such another great weekend.“… This weekend however topped it all. Cindy and Steve (the owner and host of the B&B guest house) invited us to join them to their hangar. All of us got onto a Chesna like airplane.

immi flying over East London

Some of us when they were on the plane and just above the ocean (we were all taken to the beach where we live) saw wales with their young „child“. Some of us got onto a really adventures low level flight. All in all it’s been exceptional. …

East London coast

We spend time together with their sons and friends on the airfield. We played cricet, drove quadbike and even gave a try in shooting. Basically Cindy and Steve shared their enjoyment with us. That day was just soooo amazing. Thanks to Cindy and Steve. The most special is always when people share their life. And this truely happened today.

immi in cockpit


I needed today to write a letter to my daughters. In fact I wrote quite a long letter and included pictures in it to make my letter more appealing. I hope Alina and Ann-Sophie will like to read my letter. I really feel I want to share my experiences with them and want them to get some feeling for what I am doing and how the world is here in South Africa.

Wild coast - Michaela's restaurant

In the evening we have been in Chinsa. A beautiful beach at the Wild Coast and a gorgeous restaurant (Michaela’s).

Wild coast - Michaela's

My favorite dinner here is Kingclip … The food in general is much better than I thought :-D.

Beautiful restaurant

The only thing that I am missing is my daughters, my girl friend and my sleep.

immi rather tired

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