Getting ready


We flew here to East London this morning. It’s been a day to getting sorted and getting ready for the next 5 weeks work on our assignements.

It’s a wonderful place were we live. Check it out online ( We are right beside the Indian Ocean … the warm ocean that is. Sharks and dolphines will come by ones in a while. So better not swim.

East coast at East London

We did have some walk along the coast, we had a really nice meal and later a great pizza and something to drink … We bascially used the day to got settled in our new home.

I am happy that we talked about some basic things when we went home. Like e.g. when we go out to a restaurant how do we pay? Do we evenly share or does each of us just pay for what they got. We talked about our weekend plans etc. I kind of feel it’s really important that these things are clarified upfront.

Going out with CSC team

Another thing that really stroke my mind today is that „challenges“ like „getting access to the internet“ are always also an opportunity. An opportunity to learn and to get help and to help others.

Same for my room that I am in. It’s located outside the house and so I always have to get around the house to actually be together with my colleagues. So at the start I felt a bit awkward with that but now I think that there will good in this as well. So let’s see :-).

Dinner at White House East London

So I am getting sorted and I feel ready for the week. Bear with me.

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