Sustainability and real stories

Monday – it’s to be theirs, it’s all about sustainability

My assignment is making progress. Kholiswa (the employee at RuLiv responsible for their Website) asked me: „immi, let’s step back and do some brain storming. We then reviewed what we really want to achieve with a redesigned Website. It’s been so valuable because I felt that we are together working on something which at the end of my assignment has to be Kholiswa’s work. Not mine. Kholishwa said: it’s all about sustainability. We discussed quite a lot and I think we created completely new ideas and a much improved concept for the new RuLiv Website.

Kholiswa profile

Tuesday – numbers vs. real stories

Kizito (Mgr. at RuLiv) took us on another field trip today. We met the Home Based Care team. Sweetness (leader of the team) and her team help, educate, coach and advise people who have HIV or have sexually been assaulted. Her own aunt has died due to AIDS. One of her team members told us that she joined the HBC because she’s HIV infected herself. Alcohol and rape is another big issue. The team told us about people in their neighborhood are screaming left and right during the night. It’s a mess, Sweetness said. They also miss financial support. But they bring in whatever they can.

Listening to Sweatness really touches me. It makes such a big difference as to just read it at home in the newspaper while sitting in a nice, safe and cozy room. Kizito suggested to create a Website for HBC so that others have access to what Sweetness‘ team does. … but maybe we can do more?

Take a look at the blog entry of my colleague Melissa.

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