South Africa

Final spurt

Monday Today we learned that tomorrow we’ll have our final presentation. Huhhh that’s quite a short notice. But I think we welcomed it. It’s good

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Even better

Thursday Together with my colleague today I chaired a second workshop. As a follow on to the photography workshop I have talked about image processing

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Another amazing weekend

Saturday – Port Elizabeth … observations We stood up very early on Saturday to go to Port Elizabeth for the weekend. I think it’s been

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To learn from others

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Sharon and Priya have made a wonderful dinner tonight. We planned our next days with a lasagne and a glass of wine,

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Getting ready

Sunday. We flew here to East London this morning. It’s been a day to getting sorted and getting ready for the next 5 weeks work

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What a day?

It started out at the airport when I got this incredible back ache. Normally it takes me weeks to recover but this time … I

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About 20 years ago I have made an apprenticeship at a printer’s shop. At that time we’ve been working on a regular magazin („THINK“) for

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